4. - 5. 6. 2022

in Prague


about Enchantment

dear students and friends,

enchantment, in the right sense of meaning, has opened a door to a new dimension of connection with the Nature and subsequently reflected in my everyday life and teaching.

When the ancient tree of Enlightenment showed me the difference between what it means to just exist and to exist with opening up to new manifestations, my consciousness led to me to the new understanding of life and the presence of the “New“.

If we realise that Homo sapiens only came to life 300,000 years ago, compared to our planet that is over 4 billion years old, we truly represent a very young species.

Preparing the new special essences for this year’s workshop, I felt the presence of Avatars and the inner connection with them, and perceived how very unconscious and unknowing our life is from the perspective of deep wisdom of the Universe.

How to open up to a new perception and transform everything ordinary

to an enchanting experience?

We are still in the transitory period which shows us new ways in life.

The basic pillars of the new program will be joviality, freedom, 3 laws of life and semiotics, as the study of various languages we can use, as words and stories we tell to describe our life.

Let me invite you to an enchanting meeting where we will work with these topics in detail!







3 laws of life

semiotics in daily life

Please contact Lenka via email:


 or WhatsAPP

+420 604 235 931


300 EUR

workshop is in english language translated into czech


When and where?

in Prague (center city)


saturday 10.00 - 18.00 
sunday 10.00 - 17.00 



How we exercise?

- Sandra speaks about - new time, the topic of the year and how to ground to our daily life

- movement and dance - simple exercises led by Sandra which helps connect inner world more deeply

- emotional fitness - moving through pillars of workshop and unblocking inner tensions, developing ability to harmonize and not to stay stuck in life