Source 25. - 26. 5. 2019

What would your life be like if you let go doubghts and allow yourself to create valuable life connected to your Source?

At Sandra Epstein´s workshop you will connect with your inner power.
You will learn how to connect with your Source and create valuabe life.

You will get a map of emotional and social skills that are now good to pay attention not to fall back to doubghts, fear, hatered or depression. 

My name is Sandra Epstein

and I created an educational programm Araretama Emotional Fitness, that teach you to accept and express emotions and synergistically develop your instinct, emotion and intelectual centres in the way that you can flow in your life with confidence and create beauty.

I live in Brazil and create vibrational essences in the Atlantic Rainfores almost 30 years.

These essences became the bearers of wisdom and teachers of life. They are part of all workshops and program I create.

How the workshop is going?

SHARING - Sandra shares the rainforest wisdom and messages for us to know for what to pay attention and grow. She answer your questions.

CIRCLE DANCE awakes endorphins and this dance is very simply also for begginers. You don,t need any experience because Sandra leads us through dance.

EMOTIONAL EXERCISES - movement exercisesh which opens deep feelings related 4 pillars of our workshop. You will understand them through body, feelings and mentally.

4 pillars of the Source

Thanks deep emotional experience you will learn how to get out of the trap of inner sacrifice and illusion.


ACCESABILITY - ability to access, focus, receptors, conductors, precision, openess.  


RECIPROCITY - I love you, you love me. This is just one level. We need to learn reciprocity to creat deep relationships.

MASTERY - ability to get homeostase between inocence and maturity.Simplicity inside complexity.


SENSITIVITY - ability to be respectfull, honest, present 


Price and application


Application - write me please email:

 and I will send you all info related organization and invoice.


190 Eur

(VAT included)

Workshop is led in english 

You will receive a gift
The Source essence

Coffee, tea will be avaiable.

When and where?

25. - 26. 5. 2019

in Prague 3


saturday 11.00 - 18.00 
sunday 10.00 - 17.00 hod.


Your questions

Do I have to follow all exercies?

Exercises are possibility to liberate blocks and open to new. Sometimes you can feel very tired and this is absolutelly ok if you not do all exercises and stay quiet and integrate what you feel.

Do you have some special essences for this workshop?

Yes. Everybody will get the Source essence.

And there is also set of 5 Source essences which are related the pillars of workshop. It is possible to order them if you feel calling. More info about essence are in the end of this page.


The text is coming. I asked our participants to send me some sharing info.

Set of essences Source

Inside the box there are these essences:

Accessability - mixture of Source, Cosmos a Time

Sensitivity - mixture of Source, Cosmos a Tenderness (pink rose)

Reciprocity - mixture of Source, Cosmos a To Share (white rose)

Maestry - mixture of Source, Cosmos a Liberation

Source - essence of flowing river, Indaiá a 4th Eloah flower.