The Seed - workshop

What is really valuable, that is inside our potencials as specie and individuals, to become seeds for evolution and build a better life for us?

Sandra Epstein message

Today I am calmly looking through the window in peacefulness and simultaneously linked to a stream of awareness......

It is coming from the Forest for us and the field of change, we all represent and are part of.

The ones that work already with Ararêtama for longer time know how I design workshops: the process it takes for one year, in grounding the theme and pilars, linked to the planetary cycle and humanitie´s evolution.

Imagine an inteligence based in love and evolution, arriving our planet and observing our specie. And the question that emerges is: What is possible to take from humans, that is their gifts, what is valuable to bring forward and how we can use these preciousness in us, to design our lives better and better? We are opening our wings for innovations and how is the groundfloor and elements of us as a seed to flourish and rebirth!

With love Sandra

16. - 17. 5. 2020 in Bratislava

If you wish to apply to Bratislava, please contact Veronika:

23. - 24. 5. 2020 in Prague

If you wish to apply to Prague, please contact Lenka:

How the workshop is going?

SHARING - Sandra shares the rainforest wisdom and messages for us to know for what to pay attention and grow. She answer your questions.

CIRCLE DANCE awakes endorphins and this dance is very simply also for begginers. You don,t need any experience because Sandra leads us through dance.

EMOTIONAL EXERCISES - movement exercisesh which opens deep feelings related 4 pillars of our workshop. You will understand them through body, feelings and mentally.

4 pillars of the Seed

At Sandra Epstein´s workshop you will connect with your values and gifts.
You will get a map of emotional and social skills that are now good to pay attention.

Through deep emotional experience you will learn how to get out of the trap of inner sacrifice and illusion.

Usually we get information about pillars in the beggining of the year. 

Pragues schedule

23. - 24. 5. 2020

in Prague 3


saturday 11.00 - 18.00 
sunday 10.00 - 17.00 hod.

Workshop is led in english.


Your questions

Do I have to follow all exercies?

Exercises are possibility to liberate blocks and open to new. Sometimes you can feel very tired and this is absolutelly ok if you not do all exercises and stay quiet and integrate what you feel.

Do you have some special essences for this workshop?

Yes. Everybody will get the Seed essence.

And there is also set of 5 Seed essences which are related the pillars of workshop. It is possible to order them if you feel calling. More info about essence are in the end of march 2020.