27. - 28. 5. 2023

with Sandra Epstein
in Prague

Dear Araretama Community,

I am in Cunha, in the mountains, surrounded by the Atlantic Rainforest and surrending to a diferent climate than we normally had in the past: the rain is very present and much more colder than whatever summer we had!

And nature is flowrishing new plants to helps us evolve to new dimensions of acting and understanding life…..and my eyes are capturing new flowers in special places that are being transformed ……..

Now is time for us to work on the subject: Field

We are expressions of the Universe- as we are able to understand it like that/ and never apart of it. From the Field emerges all our knowledge and wisdom , and the pilars that are our guides for this year are:

1- Links and Boundaries 2- the Codes for stepping into the new 3- Going Beyond, expanding consciousness 4- Competences to be able to emerge and ground the soul purpose May is coming soon!!!!!

I am sooooo looking forward to be with all of you again! Love Sandra

Sandra about Field

Which pillars you are going to train?


Ressonance - Reciprocity - Structure - Link


Competences - Challenges - Self controll - Accountability


Code - Evolution - Enthusiasm - Stillness


Beyond - Unlimited - Simultaneity - Curiosity

How we exercise?

- Sandra speaks about - new time, the topic of the year and how to ground to our daily life

- movement and dance - simple exercises led by Sandra which helps connect inner world more deeply

- emotional fitness - moving through pillars of workshop and unblocking inner tensions, developing ability to harmonize and not to stay stuck in life


When and where?

in Prague (center city)


saturday 10.00 - 18.00 
sunday 10.00 - 17.00 

How much is it and how to join?


280 Eur

Workshop is in English


Please contact Lenka via email:

 or WhatsAPP

+420 604 235 931


Sandra Epstein
therapiest and creator of Araretama essence and educational system

beautiful and wise woman, who creates Araretama essences in the Atlantic rainforest and share its wisdom every year in Czech republic since 2000. Her workshops are deep and offers nourishment for your soul, mind and body and opens a possibilities to live life fully and creatively.

Your questions

Is it for an advanced students?

This workshop is for begginers and also advanced. We are group with big diversity. As forest.

I can´t dance

you can move, feel, express... thats it.

I.m shy to express my emotions

our space is safe. Nobody will judge. Expression is a healing.

How to dress?

Comfortable dress because you need to be free during movement. Shoes - only white or bare foot.

Can you record it?

Workshop is safe place and we cannot do any video recordings. We respect your intimicy. Lenka will record sound (Sandras presentations only) and all participants will receive it.